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Out Of Control

By secretary | 05.06.15

During especially troubled times where entire cities are rioting and there is a sense of uneasiness across the country, it is easy to feel like the individual has no control. The fact is there are always aspects of life that are beyond our control. There will be illness, natural disaster, death, and countless inconveniences that will be beyond any man or woman’s power.


I imagine that Jesus’ disciples felt like they had no control over a lot of their circumstances in the book of Mark. In Mark chapter 4 they are on a boat in the middle of the lake when a “furious squall” comes up. It’s a scary experience to be on a boat during a light rain. When they arrive on the other side of the lake a man possessed by many demons that was known for tearing chains off his hands and feet charges them! Jesus is surrounded by the sick and demon-possessed. He is even tasked with bringing a young girl back from the dead. If you’re one of His disciples you must be feeling pretty hopeless.


Jesus proves God’s amazing power over the uncontrollable in all of these scenarios and more. Mark 4:39 He quiets the storm. Mark  5:13 He calls out the many demons possessing the man. He heals a woman from long term suffering, and raises a young girl from the dead. The things we have no power over are always under His control. We must trust God to deal with them now as He did back then.



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