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Teen Service Week

By secretary | 07.15.15

I wanted to take this space to tell you what your youth group experienced during our recent “Service Week.”

Our youth staff planned service projects for Sunday through Wednesday, in which we would be exposed to different types of service.  Our youth group learned that true service comes through sacrifice.  We spent our Sunday afternoon working on the third floor in our youth suite.  This was important in making our facilities our own and allowing our teens to invest in their space.  The thirteen teens that came to the Nashville Rescue Mission on Monday agreed that this was an eye opening day for us as a whole.  We helped in the Mission’s warehouse fulfilling orders for their women’s campus.  We worked closely with a handful of guys in the Life Recovery Program and saw great examples of living a life full of joy.  Several of our teens are still talking about it and are interested in going back.  Be sure and ask them about their time spent at the Mission.

On Tuesday, we did several larger projects around the church building including:  polishing pews, cleaning out and rearranging storage on the second floor, and deep cleaning a lot of our third floor again.  This was a good time of fellowship and bonding through service.  Wednesday we went to the Pregnancy Care Center and helped count the change that has been donated toward their efforts.  They had over sixteen thousand dollars, and we counted and rolled coins for three hours and barely put a dent in it.

If you see our young people this week ask them how they were involved in service week and what their favorite part was.  This will definitely be on our calendar next year.



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