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Are You Ready?

By Don Loftis | 08.26.15

William and Frieda wanted to do something very impressive for their twentieth wedding anniversary.  They decided to spend ten days in Paris, France. For six months they talked about the trip and worked overtime in order to have money for the plane tickets.  They told all their friends about their dream vacation and their wonderful marriage.  Finally, William and Frieda boarded the plane for their once in a lifetime transatlantic flight.

However, things took a surprising turn, when they landed.  They had never reserved a car or made a reservation at a hotel.  Neither could speak any French.  They had no tickets for the venues they wanted to visit and no money to use for food.  Simply put, Bill and Frieda had planned to leave but not to arrive.

Sadly, this is the picture of most folks in regards to their eternal destiny. We work hard, raise our children, and dream about better days ahead.  We talk about the Lord, purchase a Bible, and promise to “get started” soon. However, death comes and our arrival on the shores of eternity reveal our utter unpreparedness.  Friends, the time to prepare for heaven is not at our funeral.

In Matthew 25 Jesus shared a parable about ten young ladies who were invited to use their lamps to illuminate a wedding celebration.  Five of these ran out of oil, but the other five brought extra.  They prepared for the event, not just to await the event.  Reminding us of His coming for final judgment, the Lord added, “Be on the alert then, for you do not know the day nor the hour.” Are we ready for the most important part of our lives?



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