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Testing Our Priorities

By Don Loftis | 09.16.15

In 2006 David Menasche, a Miami English teacher, was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.  He spent several months travelling across the country to visit former students seeing if he had made any difference in their lives.  He wanted to test the effectiveness of his life’s priorities, and his journey is chronicled in his book, The Priority List.

At times I need to see how my own priority list is working.  Do I love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength or have I sold out to the idols of the day?  Do I seek the kingdom of God first or is my agenda topped by entertainment, travel, family, and career?  Am I living to serve others like Jesus did, or have I allowed my personal needs to blind me to the struggles and hurts in the lives of others?

None of us have unlimited resources of time, money or energy.  As a result of those limitations, we must choose what will be done first in our lives.  We must establish priorities that address the important issues of life not just the urgent call of the moment.

Personal greatness may garner the attention of others, but only serving others will truly altar their lives.  My goal every day needs to be to see opportunities and to seize them to bless those around me.  In helping them I am serving the Lord and changing lives for eternity.

What is first in your life and your actions?


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