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A Life Changed Forever

By Don Loftis | 10.28.15

In 1880 a little girl named Helen Keller was born into a literal world of darkness.  This little girl from Tuscumbia, Alabama was unable to see, hear or speak.  Locked inside of herself, her future appeared hopeless.  However, she lived a marvelous life, graduating from college with honors and becoming friends with kings, presidents and numerous influential people.  How did that happen?

Of course the key to Helen Keller’s life can be found in the efforts of her teacher, Anne Sullivan.  Anne’s persistence, creativity, and kindness opened a door of communication that unlocked the brilliance and potential that were trapped inside.  She found a way to bypass the disability, and in the process earned the title of “miracle worker.”

For people today whose lives are lost in sin, the Gospel is the light that can open their eyes and change them forever.  Lives are not changed by religion or church or rules (as important as those are).  Lives are changed by the love of God shown through a cross.  This offer of hope is incredibly powerful and incredibly needed for the spiritually disabled around us.

We also need to remember that God uses people to accomplish His will.  Where would Helen Keller have been without Anne Sullivan?  Where are the lost today without someone to teach them?  That question is true regarding the lost on another continent as well as those we work with each week.  It is time that we sought creative ways to offer hope and do so with tireless energy.  We must remember that the Gospel can change lives forever!



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