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By Don Loftis | 11.11.15

Several months ago, former NFL star Frank Gifford passed away.  The story of his life was more than just football hero.  He faced a number of struggles and failures in his life — failures he readily admitted.  He credited the positive changes as well his successful marriage to his renewed faith in Jesus Christ.

His wife, Kathie Lee, is one of the co-hosts of the final hour of the Today show on NBC.  The first day back after Frank’s death, she shared several stories and observations about their lives together.  The most powerful statement she made was this: “Frank’s world got smaller, as his God got bigger.”  There are two powerful observations that can be drawn from that truth.

First, her statement underscores the reality of growth.  No one is born with a mature faith and no one graduates from college with a belief system that is perfect.  Our knowledge of God’s nature and our level of trust in His provision continue to grow.  God does not change, but He does become “bigger” in our individual lives and relationships.

Secondly, the bigger God is, the smaller other things become.  If God fills our lives, problems and fears begin to fade away.  Petty disagreements and personal pursuits take a back seat, if the Lord really is in full control of the front seat of our lives.  Even temptations lose some of their glaring enticement, when we behold the beauty and light of God’s glory.  When God is the biggest thing in our lives, we can better organize our priorities and simplify our values.

Let’s keep our faith growing!



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