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Child of God

By secretary | 11.04.15

The human child is a funny little creature. Children say funny things. They do funny things. They make funny faces and funny noises. I always find it amusing when a little child tries to do something that he or she is not entirely capable of at their particular stage of life. For example: a child trying to pour a glass of juice,  reach the counter top, or put their shoes on the right feet. These are comical moments that usually result in parents and friends stepping in to lend a hand.

If this looks funny to us, imagine how foolish we must look to our Father in heaven when we try to do things without him. It is very easy to be moving at the speed of life and realize you’re stumbling along without asking God for any help. You could fill pages and pages with comparisons between us watching toddlers and God looking at us, but I really want to make one point. God is present, and willing to help His children. John 1:12 says, ”but to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”   Matthew 7 explains that if a human father can give good gifts, imagine how much better a heavenly father can do! If you have been baptized into Christ then you are a child of God. There is no debate after that. As we get older we want to be in control, and the idea of giving up control and asking God to guide our decision making is scary. Don’t forget that God is a really good dad! You are His child. He will lead you gently and help you accomplish the things that you want to do within His enormous kingdom.



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