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More Than A Pet Rock

By Don Loftis | 12.30.15

One evening in April 1975 Gary Dahl listened to some of his friends complain about how much trouble their pets were.  From that evening was born his idea for “pet rocks.”  He sold 1.5 million of these rocks for four dollars each (available today on Amazon for $13) and became a millionaire.

The “pet rock” came with a kennel, a leash, and an instruction manual, but it required no feeding, walking, grooming, or expensive visits to the vet.  It allowed the owner to possess without having any personal responsibility.  The reality is that many people treat their faith and discipleship like pet rocks.


Lots of people want God’s blessings without any sense of responsibility.  Attractive Bibles on the coffee table make no demands on our lives unless they are opened and read.  Church attendance gives a person access to a preacher for funerals, but attendance is quite different than active membership.  Folks want to have Jesus take them (and their loved ones) to heaven, but still run their own lives and budgets.


The reality is that it does not work this way.  Jesus demands to be Lord of our lives not an occasional consultant.  He will never be content with our lukewarmness and indifference.  Maybe we have missed an even deeper issue here — we don’t buy Jesus; He buys us.  When we accept His grace, we acknowledge by our obedience that He paid the price for us and that we are to glorify Him in every way ( I Cor. 6:19-20).



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