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Solutions To Pollution

By Don Loftis | 12.02.15

This week I made the annual visit to MARTA to have my car emissions inspected so I could renew my plates.  Just as I feared, my Honda failed.  They tell me that my car is contributing to the pollution of Nashville, and that I need to spend money to get the problem solved.  I value clean air, so I will do what I can.

However, there is a lot of other pollution that goes on in our culture that I wish folks would work to clean up.  Numbers 35 reminds us that the shedding of blood pollutes the land.  The abortion industry destroys a million lives annually in America; it is a pollution that needs to be cleaned up.


There is a lot of verbal pollution that goes on.  Some of it falls under the heading of gossip or slander, while other folks engage in profanity and sexually suggestive humor.  It is difficult to watch television, listen to the radio, attend a movie or go to a sporting event without having to filter out this annoying pollution.


Immorality and infidelity have become so common that our culture has become accustomed to the moral smog that it represents.  Some business folks and politicians live by polluted ethical standards that bend the laws and often take advantage of others.


Who is responsible for challenging pollution?  Who demands that lives be cleaned up?  Who cares enough to take personal stock of their own lives, so they can pass “God’s emission test?”



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