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Who Would You Call?

By Don Loftis | 01.13.16

Chances are, if you have lived in the same area for a while, you have accumulated a very crucial contact list.  If your car won’t start, you know who to call.  If your plumbing leaks, you know who to call.  The same is true as it relates to a downed power line, a severe headache, a dead tree, or a non-functioning air conditioner.

However, if you had a personal problem, who would you call?  If you were faced with a tough choice about your job or your children, whose number is on speed dial?  Whoever that person is, they need to possess two distinct qualifications.

First, they need to have great wisdom.  Proverbs 20:30 does say, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.”  Part of wisdom comes from knowledge or experience.  We should seek advisors who possess competence in the area of our inquiry.  Wisdom also includes a measure of common sense or insightfulness.  We call on those who truly know us and can see the big picture which includes pros and cons in both the short term and the long term.

When lives hinge on our decisions, our advisors also need to possess a spiritual dimension.  We need friends and counselors who will consult the Scriptures and not be afraid to speak for God.  We need to call on people who will use terms like “right and wrong” and “the kingdom of God.”  It is one thing to lose money on an investment; it is something else to lose your soul or damage another’s for eternity.  Know the number to call and don’t be too proud to dial it!



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