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A Moment Of Decision

By Don Loftis | 03.30.16

For months, King Saul’s jealousy led him in military campaigns to kill or capture David.  In the midst of one those efforts, the tables turned.  Saul entered a cave for “bathroom privacy” unaware that David and his men were hiding deeper in the cave.  David had an opportunity to kill Saul, however, he chose only to cut off a small portion of the king’s robe.  He spared his life!


This decision was not based on logic or public opinion.  Murder would have opened the throne for which David had already been chosen by God and anointed by Samuel.  His army encouraged him to use the moment to exact revenge on an angry and ungodly king.  In a matter of a couple of minutes, David decided to choose what was right rather than what offered advantage.  He simply could not harm “the Lord’s anointed.”


Sometimes we find ourselves with the opportunity to get even with someone.  We choose to bring up an old sin, long before forgiven,  to embarrass them in a current discussion.  We pass along some conveniently exaggerated gossip to hurt a rival.  We attack a person’s family, because we see it as a point of vulnerability.


We may logically conclude that these actions will help us increase our power or even open doors of service for God.  The reality is that hurting others–even our enemies– is not right.  David made the choice to show mercy and honor the king, and the Lord blessed that decision.  Similarly, He will bless our offers of mercy, forgiveness, and grace extended to those who oppose us.


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