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By Don Loftis | 03.09.16

Mickey Mantle, the great centerfielder for the Yankees, used to tell this personal story.  He had just lost a game in which he had struck out three times.  As he sat on the stool in the clubhouse with his head in his hands and nearly at the point of tears, Timmy Berra came up and tapped him on the leg.  Mickey thought the young son of Yogi Berra was going to say it was OK and to just hang in there.  However, when Mickey looked up, Timmy said, “You stink.”


Do you know someone who has failed and is suffering from discouragement?  Maybe they failed a test at school or got cut from their varsity team.  Maybe their marriage is failing or their job is ending.  Maybe they are running from sin or have relapsed into sin.  A few who are living in denial may need to be told “they stink,” but most need a tall dose of encouragement.  They need to believe that tomorrow has the potential to be better than today.


Every time we encounter a person who has failed, we decide whether to throw them a life preserver or an anchor.  How many times a day do we seize the opportunity to be an encourager of those around us?


We cannot solve all the problems people face or banish the consequences that sin brings, but we can have compassion.  We can spend a few minutes listening.  We can take time to pray with them.  We can share a smile rather than a scowl.  In other words we choose every day whether we will be a prophet of doom or a cheerleader of hope.  What will you say?



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