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OHYG Spring Retreat #Squadgoals

By secretary | 04.06.16

This past weekend was OHYG’s annual Spring Retreat at Camp Meribah in Centerville, TN. We had twenty-two people that participated in a weekend full of team building activities, Bible studies, and worship.  The entire weekend was built on the idea that teamwork is a necessity for evangelism and living an authentic Christian life. I was thankful I got to witness God working on our young people. They grew closer to each other, closer to God, and learned how to be better leaders, followers, and teammates. It was a very refreshing weekend for our active group of young people. I hope we will have even more participate next year!


One of the stories we explored on Sunday comes from 1 Samuel 14. Jonathan and his young armor-bearer decide they will go and take on the Philistine army by themselves. Jonathan displays great faith in verse 6, “Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” In the next verse Jonathan’s armor-bearer says, “go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” Wow! What an encouragement! No matter how dire the situation he was going to have Jonathan’s back. Imagine how this made Jonathan feel. How bold he must have felt moving toward the Philistine outpost, knowing that God and his partner were with him heart and soul. Do you have your brother and sister’s back? If they display great faith, do you call them crazy or encourage them? On Sunday we took a few seconds to tell others in our group that moving forward from this retreat we would be with each other heart and soul. I think our young people meant it. If you want to join us, I am sure you will be witness to God’s growing kingdom. Be sure and ask our teens what their favorite part of retreat was!



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