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Busy Busy Busy

By Don Loftis | 05.25.16

A religious pollster asked folks the simple question, “Do you believe in the second coming of Christ?”  If they answered affirmatively, the follow-up question was, “What would you do, if you knew Jesus was coming back today?”  One young man quite seriously said, “Look busy, man, look busy.”


When the teacher or the boss comes close, I suppose we all focus on the task at hand and try to look busy.  Such a response might fool earthly supervisors, but it will not impress the Lord at any time, especially at His return.


On a deeper level, with all sincerity our culture has accepted the view that busier is better.  If we can get our children into one more activity, we will be better parents.  If we work a few more hours of overtime or take work home at night, then we will be better employees.  We are convinced that we will be better people if we just exercise more, read more, travel more, or worship more.


Certainly, from a religious perspective, Jesus did teach folks to “Work for the night is coming when no one can work.”  Labor that provides us income to meet our needs and to share with the less fortunate is commendable.  However, too much of our busy lifestyle — even our religious lifestyle — has limited purpose and questionable motives.  Let’s begin by returning to the basic principle of discipleship which calls us to seek the kingdom (reign) of God in our personal lives.  Let’s allow Him to lead us to lives of peace and productivity; traits that should not be viewed as mutually exclusive.



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