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A Bad Day At The Zoo

By Don Loftis | 06.01.16

This past Saturday a lady took her four year old son to the Cincinnati Zoo.  While they were looking at the gorilla exhibit, the little boy climbed over the protective railing, crawled through bushes along the ledge and jumped fifteen feet down into the “pit.”  Harambe, the 17 year old  400 pound silverback gorilla immediately grabbed the boy and began dragging him around the shallow pool.  Zoo officials reacted immediately by shooting the beloved gorilla and rescuing the boy, who escaped with scratches and a mild concussion.


In the days that have followed, most of the comments have been directed at the boy’s mother.  A petition asking for officials to investigate her competency as a parent has been signed by over 293,000 people.  Zoo officials have been accused of murder and negligence.  One news site leaked the name of the lady, and total strangers with the same or similar names have been attacked on Facebook.  Even businesses who hired people with this name have had to remove pages.


In contemplating this event, four questions have come to mind.  (1) Where does all of this hate, negativity, and retaliation come from?  (2) Why would hundreds of thousands respond to this event without knowing the facts or listening to eyewitnesses and park officials who actually complimented the mother?  (3) Has human life really lost value?  One man said, “that animal was more important than your kid.”  A woman had posted, “You are the one who should have been shot.”  (4) Would it have made any difference to folks, if it had been their child or grandchild?


How would Jesus have us to respond?



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