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Giving Thanks For Interruptions

By Don Loftis | 07.13.16

My dad used to tell a story about a conversation his dad and his uncle had out in front of the house on Morrison’s Creek in Jackson County.  It seems that one of uncle Demmon’s sons kept trying to interrupt the adult conversation–a practice that was simply not tolerated in that day.  After a while they noticed another of the boys was missing, only to discover that the child had been trying to interrupt to inform the adults that the younger boy, Oliver, had fallen off the back of the buggy while they were coming down Backbone Hill.


Interruptions are a part of life.  While many of them are annoying or symptoms of rudeness, others can offer significant opportunities for growth.  It all depends on how well we are “listening”.


Losing a job certainly “interrupts” one’s career track, but it may cause a reevaluation of where that track was headed.  Having someone come for help may alter a well planned schedule, but it may provide a chance to minister in the name of Jesus.  Having children interrupt a home repair project may delay its completion, but may offer a great teaching and bonding experience for the family.  Being stuck in a traffic jam might just keep you from being in a serious accident farther down the road.


The next time we face an interruption in our DayPlanner, we need to pause long enough to see the blessing and opportunity that is revealed.  Then, we can thank God for the interruptions.



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