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Don’t Miss Your Real Calling

By Don Loftis | 08.10.16

Brian Dozier plays shortstop for the Minnesota Twins.  This year he is batting .262 with 22 homers and 63 runs batted in.  In five years in the major leagues he has shown continual improvement and was once chosen as an All Star.  In describing his life, he highlighted his faith in the Lord this way: “I’m a Christian just playing baseball on the side.”


Have you ever wondered what your real purpose or job was in  this life.  Paul highlighted our heavenly calling in his admonition to the Ephesians (Eph. 4:1), “Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called.”  Christians live their lives to honor the Lord.  Slaves were even told to serve their masters like they were serving the Lord (Eph. 6:5-8).


Whatever our earthly job might be, it is just a tool to assist us in living our Christian lives.  Our incomes allow us to provide for our families and support the spread of God’s kingdom around the world.  Talent and interest may guide career choices, but faith will always guide life choices.


Understanding this principle will help us with two things. First, it will help us set our priorities.  No one would allow their second job to compromise their main job.  Secondly, it will allow us to better define success–life cannot be measured by wealth, position, resumes, or club memberships.  Our calling is to love God completely, serve one another sacrificially, and to fully absorb the mind of Christ.  Let’s never neglect our real purpose in life.



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