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God Bless Our Elders

By Don Loftis | 08.24.16

I get to work with our elders more closely than anyone else.  I suppose I see their hearts more clearly than most.  There is a special bond that is forged through times of prayer and discussions of ministry.


In my opinion, the appointment of Carl and Keaton as elders makes a strong eldership even stronger.  I have seen these men teach and serve and sacrifice in ways that moved this congregation forward.  They love the Lord and love this congregation.


As I read the Scriptures, elders are called to do four things.


#1 — They have to be certain that the Truth of God is

being preached and practiced throughout the

church’s daily activities.


#2 — They are to oversee the ministries of the

congregation both in edification and evangelism.


#3 — They should shepherd individual members by

offering godly counsel, guidance and even

spiritual discipline.


#4 — They are to set a good example for the less

mature to follow.


For nearly 24 years I have served under the leadership here at Old Hickory.  I have appreciated their support, guidance, patience, and correction.  As we move forward, I am honored to submit my ministry as well as my soul to these seven men.  I will be praying for them, and I know that all of you will be as well.



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