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Part Of A Great Team

By Don Loftis | 08.31.16

This past Sunday was Barrett and Jenna’s last with us.  The “going away” fellowship was nice, and I am sure the kind words and hugs were appreciated.  Barrett did a great work with our teens.  He worked with the group and with individuals within the group.  He touched many lives in a positive way.  Pam simply posted that “they left footprints on our hearts.”


Their leaving does afford us a reminder to develop a bigger view of the church.  A view that defines the kingdom of God in bigger terms than just our local congregation.  Barrett is moving, but he is still serving the Lord.  Jenna will have a new mailing address, but she will still be a member in the body of Christ–the only one that He has.  Their ministry is part of a bigger work than we sometimes picture.


When our kids go off to college, they may worship in a different building, but they are part of the same church.  When job transfers take us to another state, we may serve under different elders, but we are still a part of Christ’s one church that He purchased.  The church is not restricted by geography.


I love the church here in Old Hickory, but the Lord’s church is alive and well throughout the entire world.  This raises the opportunity to pray for Christians in many places–even Plano, Texas.  This allows us to cooperate with thousands of Christians to accomplish Jesus’ dream of world evangelism.  It allows us to worship God and fellowship “family,” as we travel or vacation.  Yes, we are part of a great team–Jesus’ team.



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