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Efficient Or Effective

By Don Loftis | 09.14.16

We have come to understand that the least expensive product is not always the best investment.  The same can be true with various procedures designed to help us meet life goals.  The easiest ACT prep program probably will not improve your test score that much.  A diet/exercise program that is touted to require no effort will not have a success rate in regards to weight loss.  We typically evaluate things based on their effectiveness not their efficiency.


A man injured his hand at work and was sent to the clinic.  He entered a waiting room that had a table and two chairs.  At the back it had two doors marked “ILLNESS” and “INJURY”.  Going through the “injury” door, he encountered a similar room with two doors marked “INTERNAL” and “EXTERNAL”.  Since it was a hand injury, he passed through the door marked “external” again finding a room with a desk and two chairs.  This time the doors at the back were marked “THERAPY” and “TREATMENT”.   Seeking treatment for his throbbing hand, he passed through that door into another room with doors marked “MAJOR” and “MINOR”.  Realizing that his situation was not life threatening, he opened the door marked “minor” and found himself back out on the street.  His foreman asked if the clinic had been able to help?  The man replied, “I’m not sure, but they are the most efficient medical center I have ever seen.”


Too many folks are looking for a simple or easy way to follow Jesus.  They would take a pill or send a check, but are unwilling to put in the study or self discipline.  Churches, which are a lot like spiritual clinics, are often very efficient but not very effective in developing spiritual maturity.  Let’s offer better “doors” and let’s follow Christ who is the only door to eternal life.



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