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A New Class–Maybe Just For You

By Don Loftis | 12.01.16

In biblical times a generation was viewed as about 40 years.  Through the past century, sociologists have cut that figure to 20, with some wanting to reduce it even more.  A generation’s traits are shaped by the world in which they live.  Therefore, every generation has its own special challenges and unique needs.


This is certainly true regarding the current group, typically labelled “millennials.”    While some see this generation as liberal, disinterested in religion, transient, and overly technologically focused, there are many positive traits as well.  They are optimistic, civic-minded, pragmatic, and socially aware of the needs of others.  In short, they see problems in our global and local societies, and they want answers.


To do a better job of ministering to this crucial generation, we are beginning a new Sunday morning Bible class designed for these college students and young adults.  The goal is to help each person discover the “reality of their faith” and to discover ways to serve God by advancing His agenda for His creation.  Evans Martin will be leading this class which will begin by exploring Phil Sanders’ book, Adrift.


Let me encourage folks to support this new effort by praying for it and by spreading the news about it.  It will be meeting in R208 which is on the adult end of our Faith Village hallway in the back building.  If you have any questions, contact me, Evans, or Carl Johnson.



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