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Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine

By Don Loftis | 01.18.17

From time to time we all get sick or develop a chronic condition that requires a trip to the doctor’s office.  After our examination and possibly some tests, he offers a diagnosis and tells us what needs to be done.  Some situations just need time to heal.  Others may require the help of a therapist or surgeon.  However, most often, the doctor hands us a piece of paper on which he has scribbled a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy.


The doctor is aware that some will balk at spending the money for the medicine or will want to only take it when it’s convenient.  As a result, he may remind the patient on the way out, “Now, don’t forget to take your medicine until it is all gone.”


Often times people experience problems in their spiritual lives.  Using the Bible as the instruction manual, I can offer some very effective prescriptions.  I may suggest forgiving a person who has hurt you or praying for an enemy.  I might recommend improving your attendance record at worship services or getting more involved in fellowship activities.  To parents I might encourage talking to Mason and getting more involved in the youth ministry.


The effectiveness of these suggestions does not lie in the power or expertise of the one giving advice.  The potential for greater faith and spiritual maturity lies in the activities suggested.  If you don’t take them, they won’t work.  So, as you finish this article, let me remind you, “Don’t forget to take your medicine.”



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