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March Madness

By Don Loftis | 03.29.17

For the avid sports’ fan, few things are as exciting as the NCAA basketball tourney that will wrap this weekend.  This compilation of 67 games played over a period of 19 days features great competition and is known for its upsets and “buzzer beaters.”  I suppose that is why the term March Madness seems to fit well.


Every year we hear the losers make excuses.  They blame undeserved matchups with great teams, unfair travel schedules, and untimely injuries.  Fans blame the coaches, coaches blame the officiating, and players blame other players.


Excuses deflect personal responsibility and are not new.  Jesus told a parable (Luke 14:16-24) depicting a man who invited friends to a great feast.  As was their custom, these folks had accepted the invitation, but at the last minute decided not to attend.  One fellow needed to go examine some land he recently purchased, while another wanted to “test drive” his ten new oxen.  A third fellow simply said, “I have married a wife, so I cannot come.”  Their excuses carried no weight in Jesus’ story and merely incurred the wrath of the one giving the feast.


Folks are the same way today with God’s offer of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Many talk like they want to follow, but their lives are filled with excuses.  Job responsibilities, family activities, recreational pursuits, and financial security are often placed ahead of God.  I wonder what the Lord must think and feel, when He hears us say, “I’m just too busy right now.”  Let’s own up and step up and quit blaming someone or something else.



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