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Forgetfulness: A Blessing or Curse?

By Don Loftis | 04.05.17

Part of Paul’s philosophy of Christian living was to “forget those things that lay behind and to reach forward to what things lay ahead” (Philippians 3:13).  There is a value to moving beyond the mistakes of our past rather than reliving them every day.  Certainly, it is a blessing to be able to forget the hurtful words that have been spoken against us or the personal attacks that we have endured.


However, forgetting can have its negatives as well.  A British senior citizen one day started to drive to downtown London.  The traffic was so crowded that he decided to park on a side street and walk the final 10 or so blocks to his destination.  Later that day he spent four hours looking for his car in his usual downtown parking lot.  He went back many times but never could find his misplaced car.  It was seven months later that a man who lived on the side street realized that the car parked in front of his house did not belong to his next door neighbor.  He finally was able to contact the forgetful owner and return the car.


We must never forget the commitment we made to the Lord the day we were baptized.  We must never forget the command to love God and our fellow man.  We must never forget that we wear the name of Christ everywhere we go and in every conversation we have.


It is important to remember where we parked our car or put our keys.  It is far more important that we remember that we have died to ourselves and given Jesus the keys to our heart.



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