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What Would You Do?

By Don Loftis | 05.03.17

A recent YouTube video made me reassess how I look at other people.  The plot was simple.  A young boy pretended to be homeless on a busy street in New York.  It was five degrees, and he was dressed in a T-shirt with no shoes.  For part of the two hour, privately recorded experiment, he wrapped himself in a large trash bag for warmth.  Other than a couple of folks who dropped some money in his cup, no one did anything to help, until a man who was also homeless came and gave him the coat off his back and some food as well.  What would you have done?


I am reminded that in Jesus’ famous parable of the Good Samaritan, there were three types of people who came across that lone Jericho-bound traveler.  First, there were the thieves who beat him up and stole his money.  Secondly, there was the social outcast (a Samaritan) who rescued and took care of him.  Thirdly, there were folks like the priest and Levite who simply walked past.  Today, some inflict pain, others ease pain, while most simply pass on by.


In the story from the streets of New York, are we surprised that it was a homeless man who offered to really get involved?  He knew what it felt like.  He knew that a coat and a candy bar could make a big difference.  The person who has suffered abuse may best connect with the needs of the abused.  The person acquainted with grief may be the best grief minister.  The sober alcoholic sees the struggling drunk in a different light.


Who will we see hurting today?  More importantly, what will we do?

search:  The Homeless Boy on OCK TV



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