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The Call For Freedom

By Don Loftis | 07.05.17

By the time the Second Continental Congress met in 1776, many of the American colonies were pushing for a break with Great Britain.  They established a committee of five to draft a declaration of independence, which would serve as a formal announcement of freedom.  That document, composed mostly by Thomas Jefferson, was ratified on July 4 and signed on August 2.  In reflecting on that document, I see some great similarities to our freedom in Christ.


The founding fathers had a vision for a nation that would be unlike any other.  God’s vision for sinful man was such that He sent His son to purchase the church with His blood.  Our freedom from sin does not come by accident; it comes through divine foresight.


Living out the freedom we have in Christ sometimes encounters disagreements.  Although Jefferson’s famous preamble was left unchanged, over a fifth of his declaration was changed by Franklin, Adams, and others at the convention.  Sometimes Christians disagree, but they must press on to find unity in Christ and freedom found only through the pages of Scripture.


Declaring independence was just the first step; it required seven years of war to obtain.  Our freedom in Christ demands sacrifice, self discipline, and perseverance.  Truly, freedom is not free in either obtaining or maintaining.


As we have celebrated the 241st anniversary of our political declaration of freedom, I hope we will never forget to celebrate our greatest freedom — freedom from sin and death through Jesus Christ.



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