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Overcoming Grief

By Don Loftis | 08.30.17

Two weeks ago the news carried a story about a Canadian woman who found her engagement ring which had been missing for 13 years.  The novelty was that she had lost it while weeding her garden, and her daughter-in-law found it attached to a carrot growing in the same garden.  Her joy at having it returned reminded me of the emotional pain that must have been experienced, when she lost it.


Grief is the natural response that we experience as result of a loss.  We typically associate it with deaths, but it occurs after any significant loss in our lives.  Every person will experience griefs during their lifetime.


The Bible is keenly aware of how God made us, and it deals very openly with the concepts of grief and hurt.  The recovery process may be a bit different for every person and every situation, but the Bible offers great insights in how to survive these inevitable phases of life.


We have seven incredible Sunday morning Bible classes that offer students educational and fellowship opportunities.  Any of them would prove a blessing to your life.  If you have any interest in the concept of grief, I would invite you to join us in the Small Auditorium, as we study a series of lessons on “A Biblical View of Grief.”  The study, which begins this Sunday, is not a counseling class, but it is an effort to unlock God’s blessings for us in times of intense loss.  It will provide both information and encouragement for us.



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