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Weeding the Garden of Life

By Don Loftis | 09.13.17

We are nearing the end of another gardening season.  Whether your garden produces beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables, you are fully aware of the danger of weeds.  They seem to thrive in all types of weather and choke out the growth and production of the desired plants.  There are “weeds” that can grow in our personal lives as well.  One of these weeds was recently identified by another preacher as the philosophy of “if it feels good do it.”   How much educational success would a student have if they only studied and attended class, when they felt like it?  How healthy would folks be if they indulged every desire the flesh presented?  What would relationships be like if we only did what we wanted to?  These weeds would, in time, choke out every good [...]

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Seeing God By Watching Jesus

By Don Loftis | 09.06.17

A young boy was asked to describe Jesus.  After some serious thought, he said, “Jesus is the best picture God ever had taken.”   That simple answer is   confirmed in the Bible.  In Hebrews 1:3 we read that God has spoken to us through His Son, and that “He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature.”  In John 14 the apostle Philip asks Jesus to show them the Father.  Jesus responded, “Have I been so long with you and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip?  He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”   The Gospel stories are not only helping us to understand our Savior, they are revealing the very nature of Jehovah.  We come to see God as caring and compassionate — [...]

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