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A Silver Anniversary

By Don Loftis | 10.04.17

We normally associate anniversaries with milestones in a marriage.  However, on Friday morning, Pam and I will celebrate our 25th year of work for the Lord here in Old Hickory.  We came with three children at home.  Now, they are all married, and we have 6 grandchildren and a seventh on the way.  I had darker hair, less weight, more energy, and the same bad singing voice.


Your encouragement has sustained a good ministry for a quarter of a century and has served as a great blessing to all of our family.  Together, we have celebrated births, baptisms, graduations, and weddings.  Together, we have mourned the deaths of those we love and wrestled with the spiritual struggles within our church family.


It would be an impossible task to thank all who have touched our lives in these 25 years.  There have been elders who have guided the flock and defended the Truth, secretaries who have carried the work load of dozens of projects, fellow ministers including a score of interns whose faith and zeal have offered inspiration, and every member’s continual prayers for the kingdom of God to grow.  I especially thank the entire church for their patience and forgiveness in those areas where my work, priorities or attitudes have fallen short.


Only the Lord knows what lies ahead for all of us, but that means the future is in good hands.  Like a good marriage, we continue to work together and ask for the Lord’s daily blessing.  Pam joins me today in saying “thank you” for allowing us to share with you in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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