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A Wedding Party Of One

By Don Loftis | 11.15.17

Have you heard of the new wedding fad known as “sologamy?”  It is a ceremony where an individual marries themselves.  It is a formal declaration that the individual loves himself (herself), and is quite satisfied in their singleness.  Ericka Anderson, who shared this event in the presence of friends and family, said, “It means you are enough, even if you are not partnered with someone else.”


Not surprisingly, businesses have marketed soligamy in a very profitable way.  An online site called offers a kit to help people with the big event.  The gold version includes a 14 K gold ring to wear, a series of self-affirmation cards, vows, and full ceremony instructions for the bargain price of $230.


I certainly do not disparage singleness — the Scriptures view it as a special gift that allows unparalleled service to Christ (I Cor. 7:25ff).  The Bible also reaffirms our personal worth in that the Lord knows our name and even the number of hairs on our head.  The second great command says, “Love you neighbor as yourself.”


However, this practice is not marriage, because marriage is a partnership of two who become one.  Marriage recognizes personal inadequacy and seeks a mate who helps provide completeness (Gen. 2:18ff).  Even as the “bride of Christ,” Christians know that their identity is incomplete without their intimate relationship with Jesus.  Loving and serving ourselves is simply not enough.



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