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2018 — Happy New Year

By Don Loftis | 12.27.17

When I was a child, if I had seen a date like 2018, I would have viewed it as science fiction.  Time passes, and it is hard to believe that most of us have celebrated as many new years as we have.   At various stages, the Jews have honored four different dates as marking a new year of activity.  The most common is that of Rosh Hashanah which occurs in the fall — not the winter.  It was celebrated with the blowing of horns (Num. 29:1), and it served as the civil (legal) beginning of the year.  It celebrated God’s creation of Adam and Eve and was used to mark the beginnings of  Sabbath years and the year of Jubilee.  This date also provided the dividing line for the yearly tithe.   We use [...]

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He Will Never Leave

By Don Loftis | 12.13.17

Jack Casey worked for years as a paramedic, and one day he was called to the scene of a traffic accident.  A man was trapped in a pick-up that was completely upside down.  Making the rescue more dangerous and urgent was the reality that the gas tank was slowly leaking into the cab.  One spark could ignite everything and kill both of them.   Jack remembered as a child fearfully facing surgery,  and having a nurse promise to stay with him all the way through it.  True to her word, she was the first person he saw as he came out of the anesthetic in the recovery room.  At great risk, he stayed with the trapped man offering him both his rescue skill and his reassuring presence.  Later Jack simply said, “I couldn’t leave him.” [...]

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Did You See It Coming?

By Don Loftis | 12.06.17

In the past several weeks, we have witnessed a large number of celebrities from entertainment, politics, news, and sports exposed for various “transgressions” through the years.  Some lost jobs; others damaged relationships; all of them embarrassed themselves.   Like cream, sin has a way of rising to the surface.  Before Israel entered the Promised Land, some of the tribes desired to settle their families and flocks on the eastern side of the Jordan River.  The deal was that their men of fighting age still had to go over with the army to gain control of the land.  Knowing the temptation to avoid the danger and inconvenience of the lengthy fight, God issued this warning in Numbers 32: “But if you do not do so, behold, you have sinned against the Lord, and be sure your [...]

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