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Did You See It Coming?

By Don Loftis | 12.06.17

In the past several weeks, we have witnessed a large number of celebrities from entertainment, politics, news, and sports exposed for various “transgressions” through the years.  Some lost jobs; others damaged relationships; all of them embarrassed themselves.


Like cream, sin has a way of rising to the surface.  Before Israel entered the Promised Land, some of the tribes desired to settle their families and flocks on the eastern side of the Jordan River.  The deal was that their men of fighting age still had to go over with the army to gain control of the land.  Knowing the temptation to avoid the danger and inconvenience of the lengthy fight, God issued this warning in Numbers 32: “But if you do not do so, behold, you have sinned against the Lord, and be sure your sin will find you out.”  Sin is hard to hide.


A young boy was assigned the task of planting a large bucket of seed corn.  His father showed him the plowed furrows, and told him to put two seeds together every eight inches.  This worked well until some friends wanted him to join them fishing.  He started putting three together, and finally resorted to burying the last two quarts in the space of about 40 feet.  All was well until a couple of weeks later when the seed sprouted.  The rows of corn revealed the boy’s haste.  Like sprouting corn, sin is hard to hide!


It should be noted, that even if we succeed in hiding our theft from the police, our adultery from our spouse, or our fraud from the IRS, God knows it all.  Without forgiveness all of those issues will be brought to light in the final judgment (Ecclesiastes 12:14).  Did you see that coming?



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