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By Don Loftis | 01.03.18

Sitting in a coffee shop in Helen, Georgia, I spent part of my Saturday afternoon watching people walk down the sidewalks of this transplanted Bavarian village.  There were families, couples and singles.  Some came in to get something warm to drink; others just walked on by.  Two thoughts passed through my mind.


First, I realized that each of those people, (likely all tourists) had their own unique stories.  Some were celebrating; others were mourning.  Some were experiencing job issues or family problems.  For some 2017 had been a banner year; for others it had been a nightmare.  Every person possessed fears, secrets, dreams, and disappointments.  They were a microcosm of us all.


Secondly, I soberly acknowledged that each of these folks had an eternal soul.  Some, I suppose, were Christians.  Others might be described as “not far from the kingdom.”  The statistics would suggest that many pacing the sidewalks were unaware or uninterested in the invitation of Jesus.


It is the same for the people we meet in the aisles at Kroger or the stands at the ballgame.  Each of them have a story that includes “hurts” that need to be addressed and talents that need to be developed.  Every one of them will stand before the Lord to be judged — not by me or you, but by the sinless Son of God.  What will we do in 2018 to serve their needs and to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Let’s open our eyes and see the people who are “walking around us.”



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