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Making It Personal

By Don Loftis | 02.28.18

In 2002 Cynthia Hyland decided to go skydiving for the first time.  The jump began with a certified instructor on each side of her, holding onto her jump suit.  However, about half way down, they encountered a problem that sent all of them into an uncontrolled dive.  Cynthia panicked and could not find her ripcord.  One of her instructors, nicknamed Bobo, managed to reach her in time to pull her cord, but could not get in position to pull his own.  He died saving her.   Her response to realizing what happened was predictable.  Her tears of gratitude and sense of accountability were overwhelming.  She attended this “stranger’s” funeral, met his family, offered to help babysit his young children.  Any request the family had made would have been tackled to the best of Cynthia’s ability. [...]

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The Components Of Conversion

By Don Loftis | 02.21.18

About 2570 an Egyptian named Hemiunu was given the task of building an elaborate tomb for one of the Pharaohs.  The result was the majestic Pyramid of Giza.  Covering 13 acres of land, it rose to a height of 481 feet.  Slave labor connected over two million stone blocks averaging 5000 pounds each to complete one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.   Ron Walters recently commented that the construction of the pyramid and the conversion of a sinner involve the same four components: design, substance, energy and time.  In spiritual conversion there is the eternal design of God’s grace, presented in the substance of Scripture, nurtured by the energy of loving teachers, over a varying period of time.   We may witness a person’s baptism and forget all the things that led [...]

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We Care

By Don Loftis | 02.14.18

The doctor told his patient that he was fifty pounds overweight, and the patient replied, “I don’t care.”  A friend asked his coworker, if he was going to watch the playoff game, but he was told, “I don’t care much for hockey or sports in general.”  The pollster asked, “Who are you going to vote for,” only to be told, “I couldn’t care less.”  All of these responses reveal an attitude of apathy and disinterest.  Such attitudes will not result in any constructive or lasting action.   Genuine concern for others is necessary for us to be interested in feeding the hungry, comforting the grieving, or getting involved in disaster relief efforts.  Calloused hearts rarely give generously of their money or their time.   For 40 years, Larry West has been associated with the We [...]

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Have You Weighed The Kids?

By Don Loftis | 02.07.18

When the Communist government took over control of China, they ordered all Christian missionaries out of the country.  Soldiers came to one home and told the couple that they had two hours to pack up their belongings, and they would be escorted to the train station to be deported.  Additionally they were told that what they took away could not exceed 200 pounds.  It was a busy and agonizing two hours, as they weighed items and argued about what to keep and what to leave.   Right on schedule the soldiers returned, asking if they were ready.  The couple commented about how hard it had been to choose what to take, but they were right at 200 pounds.  The soldier in charge looked at the stack of boxes then asked, “Did you weigh your kids?  [...]

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