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Have You Weighed The Kids?

By Don Loftis | 02.07.18

When the Communist government took over control of China, they ordered all Christian missionaries out of the country.  Soldiers came to one home and told the couple that they had two hours to pack up their belongings, and they would be escorted to the train station to be deported.  Additionally they were told that what they took away could not exceed 200 pounds.  It was a busy and agonizing two hours, as they weighed items and argued about what to keep and what to leave.


Right on schedule the soldiers returned, asking if they were ready.  The couple commented about how hard it had been to choose what to take, but they were right at 200 pounds.  The soldier in charge looked at the stack of boxes then asked, “Did you weigh your kids?  They count in the 200 pound limit.”  The decision to virtually empty the boxes in order to take their children was not that difficult.


We go through life collecting all kinds of things — pictures, antiques, souvenirs, junk.  Sadly, we often do so at the neglect of our children, or even more tragically, at the neglect of our souls.  Loving God, seeking His kingdom, and serving others are the paramount reasons we are here.


Have we weighed Jesus lately?  Are we sure that He is with us in our daily travels?  To gain the whole world (a full house and social acceptance) at the loss of our soul is a very bad bargain.  Someone accurately said, “You don’t realize that Jesus is all you need, until He is all that you have.”  Let’s be sure we weigh the most important things first.



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