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Making It Personal

By Don Loftis | 02.28.18

In 2002 Cynthia Hyland decided to go skydiving for the first time.  The jump began with a certified instructor on each side of her, holding onto her jump suit.  However, about half way down, they encountered a problem that sent all of them into an uncontrolled dive.  Cynthia panicked and could not find her ripcord.  One of her instructors, nicknamed Bobo, managed to reach her in time to pull her cord, but could not get in position to pull his own.  He died saving her.


Her response to realizing what happened was predictable.  Her tears of gratitude and sense of accountability were overwhelming.  She attended this “stranger’s” funeral, met his family, offered to help babysit his young children.  Any request the family had made would have been tackled to the best of Cynthia’s ability.


A few years ago a polling company announced the results of a national religious survey.  They found that 98% believed in God, 80% believed Jesus was the Son of God, but only 40% believed religion was important.  How could the death of Christ mean so little to so many who said they believed it?


The answer to that question is simple — they have never made it personal.  They have never understood that Jesus died for their sins, and it is their eternal destiny that hangs in the balance.  People pay little attention to stock prices unless they are invested.  We find doctor’s test results to be boring, unless they are our own.  The direction of the wildfires are more than a novelty, if they are headed towards our house.  May we never forget that Jesus died for me — even me.



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