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Frustration Or Opportunity

By Don Loftis | 05.30.18

Mark’s Gospel account (chapter 6) records an amazing event in the ministry of Jesus.  A short time before, Jesus had sent the apostles on a limited mission to preach about the coming kingdom.  They have returned and have shared the details of their various encounters.  Things were so hectic that they did not even have time to eat.  Jesus told them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while.”  However, His plan did not work.  The crowds saw them getting in the boat, and they walked around the Sea of Galilee, meeting them at the shore just as they landed.   Lots of times our plans do not work out.  Vacations get cancelled, meals are burned or delayed.  Door bells and phone calls can change schedules in the matter of [...]

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Getting Out Of The Doldrums

By Don Loftis | 05.23.18

Have you ever experienced a time of discouragement or apathy?  Maybe your spiritual life seemed stagnant or uninspired.  In more common terms, you were bored and life seemed mired in a deep rut.   Some have used the term “doldrums” to describe these common feelings.  The phrase was initially a nautical expression used to describe the sailing conditions near the equator.  Due to chronic low pressure systems, winds would die down and the steering currents would weaken.  This left sailing ships of the 1700’s and 1800’s stranded in the water for days, sometimes weeks.  Ships stuck in these waters were said to be “in the doldrums.”   While life cycles are inevitable, often shaped by external forces like health, there are some things we can do to get out of the doldrums.  First, let’s count [...]

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The Imperative Of Helping Each Other

By Don Loftis | 05.16.18

In 1990 twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, were born.  While twins typically share a very close relationship, these two were incredibly close, as in conjoined.  They were connected from the shoulders down.  They had separate hearts, lungs, stomachs, and brains.  However they shared a liver, bladder and both small and large intestines.  They have very individualized tastes for food and clothing.  They can fly on a plane with one ticket, but require two passports, if they travel outside of the country.   The key to their success and happiness has been their ability to work together.  Abby controls the right arm and leg, while Brittany has sole control of the left side.  They have to work in tandem to walk or run.  They have to compromise regarding times to eat and sleep.  Their willingness to [...]

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New Relationship; New Behaviors

By Don Loftis | 05.09.18

On May 19 the long anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will take place at Windsor Castle.  For better than a year, the couple has been at the center of news reporters from the tabloids to CNN.  Royalty will do that.   When Meghan officially marries into the royal family, there are some new guidelines she must adhere to.  She cannot sign any autographs or have any personal presence on social media.  She must control her emotions — no public display of affection (kiss, hug or handholding) with Harry and no crying in public.  She cannot vote or express any partisan political view.  Meghan cannot accept money from any type of work, cannot privately play Monopoly, and is forbidden to join any church other than the Protestant Anglican Church.  In formal settings, she [...]

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