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Getting Out Of The Doldrums

By Don Loftis | 05.23.18

Have you ever experienced a time of discouragement or apathy?  Maybe your spiritual life seemed stagnant or uninspired.  In more common terms, you were bored and life seemed mired in a deep rut.


Some have used the term “doldrums” to describe these common feelings.  The phrase was initially a nautical expression used to describe the sailing conditions near the equator.  Due to chronic low pressure systems, winds would die down and the steering currents would weaken.  This left sailing ships of the 1700’s and 1800’s stranded in the water for days, sometimes weeks.  Ships stuck in these waters were said to be “in the doldrums.”


While life cycles are inevitable, often shaped by external forces like health, there are some things we can do to get out of the doldrums.  First, let’s count our blessings more than our struggles.  Secondly, we need to always have a goal or dream dominating our hearts and minds.  Having something to look forward to will take the sting away from today’s inactivity.  Finally, we must stay active in serving someone else.  It is more blessed to give than to receive, and we can often act our way into a better way of feeling.


At every stage of our lives we need to remember that God is at work, and we need to trust His timing.  There are times for everything to run smoothly, and for productivity to be high.  There are other times that we really need to just pause and reflect.  The doldrums today may be the crucible that is preparing us for greater things tomorrow — and for eternity.



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