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The Imperative Of Helping Each Other

By Don Loftis | 05.16.18

In 1990 twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, were born.  While twins typically share a very close relationship, these two were incredibly close, as in conjoined.  They were connected from the shoulders down.  They had separate hearts, lungs, stomachs, and brains.  However they shared a liver, bladder and both small and large intestines.  They have very individualized tastes for food and clothing.  They can fly on a plane with one ticket, but require two passports, if they travel outside of the country.


The key to their success and happiness has been their ability to work together.  Abby controls the right arm and leg, while Brittany has sole control of the left side.  They have to work in tandem to walk or run.  They have to compromise regarding times to eat and sleep.  Their willingness to share and perform as a team has allowed them to graduate college and hold a fulltime job as elementary school teachers (though they only receive one salary).


Their life serves as a great model of how Christians should work together.  Paul wrote, “So that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another” (I Cor. 12:25).  He bragged on the Christians in Thessalonica by saying, “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing” (I Thess. 5:11).  Using his favorite word, John called on his audience to “love one another, for love is from God” (I John 4:7).  Christians are not in competition for glory or recognition.  We are fellow workers, fellow laborers. and brethren.  Conjoined to one another by the blood of Jesus, let us work together in peace and unity.



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