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Don’t Walk Away From The Real Thing

By Don Loftis | 06.20.18

It is always easier to start something than to complete it.  Diets, Bible reading plans, marathons, and college degrees are all examples.  It has been said that anyone can get married, but staying married a lifetime is quite an accomplishment.


After 65 years of marriage an elderly man was asked what the secret was to their successful marriage.  He said, “You know there were some really tough times along the way.  A couple of times the easy thing would have been to quit.  But every time I looked into her eyes, I knew she was the real thing.  She was the one that I loved.”


During Jesus’ ministry there were many who followed Him.  Some among the crowds must have been curiosity seekers and others hoping to witness or experience a miracle.  After a very challenging sermon in John 6, many of those casual followers left Him.  Jesus asked His closest disciples if they were interested in leaving as well?  Simon Peter answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have words of eternal life.  We have believed and have come to know that you are the holy one of God.”


The Christian life is a great deal like a marriage.  It begins with a commitment of faithful love expressed in our baptism, but it grows and matures every year.  The longer we look into the eyes of our Lord, the more we will see Him to be the “real thing”.  You can’t finish, if you don’t start, but the goal is to finish.



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