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Whose Fault Was It?

By Don Loftis | 06.06.18

A number of years ago, noted radio commentator Paul Harvey told the strange story of Eric Edmonds.  This Virginian suffered from severe obesity and consulted with a surgeon, who surgically stapled Eric’s stomach to limit the quantity of food he could eat.  However, on the second day after surgery he found a refrigerator in the hospital and ate so much food, that he tore the staples loose.  A few weeks later, Eric sued the hospital for having a refrigerator that was unlocked.


Eric copied a pattern of blaming others that went on often in the Old Testament.  Adam sinned and told the Lord that it was because of the woman that had been given to him (Gen. 3:12).  When Moses discovered the golden calf that his brother had made, Aaron said, “You know the people are prone to evil” (Ex. 32:21-24).  King Saul disobeyed the Lord’s command, but again he said it was the people who did such (I Sam. 15:21).


We blame our spouses for our level of debt.  We blame our bosses because our careers never got off the ground.  We blame the church because our kids are no longer faithful to the Lord.  We conveniently find someone else to shoulder the blame.  Does this sound familiar?


Personal responsibility is a virtue; it is a sign of maturity and a trait of leadership.  Genuine faith involves confession that says, “I have sinned.”  Certainly outside situations have an influence on all of our lives, but the choices we make are ultimately ours.  We all need to remember that when we stand in judgment before the Lord, there will be no one else to blame.



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