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Yield The Right Of Way

By Don Loftis | 09.26.18

We are familiar with the triangular-shaped road signs that state “YIELD” in all capital letters.  The message is for drivers to allow other approaching traffic to have the right of way and to go first.


Early September 1986, a Russian ocean liner with over 1200 people on board was moving through the Black Sea.  A freighter transporting oats was crossing the same water.  For 45 minutes the two captains were aware that they were on a collision course.  Despite some communications, neither captain ordered a change of course until it was too late.  The freighter broadsided the ocean liner leading to the sinking of the ship and the loss of 398 lives.  Both captains were arrested for their stubborn refusal to yield.


The same mentality leads husbands and wives to experience chronic conflict.  Refusing to compromise and work toward common goals, they continue to damage their relationships.  Stubbornness afflicts company executives, politicians, teammates, and church leaders.  Yes, elders and preachers can operate full speed ahead, but in directions that are neither compatible nor constructive.  The dangers associated with these choices are obvious.


However, our greatest danger of stubbornness lies in our refusal to bend to the will of God.  The Psalmist (78:8) warned, “And not be like their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation that did not prepare its heart and whose spirit was not faithful to God.”  Let’s remember, when God says to move; it is time to move.



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