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Veterans’ Day – Lessons Learned

By Don Loftis | 11.14.18

This past Sunday (and Monday) we observed the centennial celebration of Veteran’s Day.  Originally called Armistice Day, it represented the end of WW I.  Through the years, it has become the day we honor all men and women who have served in our military, while Memorial Day honors those who died in that service.  The patriotic songs and speeches from the day remind me of the three great truths.


First, we need to be continually thankful for the blessings secured by these soldiers.  For all the griping we hear, our daily freedoms transcend those of other societies.  The peace we experience today is another of those legacies.  We need to be both aware and thankful for the physical and spiritual blessings we enjoy.


Secondly, we recognize that anything of value has a cost.  WW I alone featured 37 million casualties, including 17 million deaths.  The folk song we sang in the Sixties said, “Freedom isn’t free… You gotta pay the price; you gotta sacrifice… Freedom isn’t free.”  I suppose we should not be surprised to learn that our spiritual salvation was produced at a high price — the death of Jesus Christ the son of God.


Finally, we discover the need for memorials.  We tend to forget past events fairly rapidly, so we need holidays, monuments, and bulletin articles to stimulate our minds.  We must never forget those who have served us so well.  Likewise, every Sunday we partake of communion so we will never forget what the Lord has done for us.



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