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Why Do You Preach Like That?

By Don Loftis | 11.07.18

I like to think that most preachers seek to be balanced in their sermon selections.  Some lessons are topical others are textual; some biographical others doctrinal; some positive others negative.  Even with balance, sometimes we are asked, “Why do you preach against so many things?  Why not just talk about how to be happy and love one another?”  In some way, many listeners connect a sermon against sin as being unloving.


If a patient is sick, very sick, is the doctor unloving in telling the man that he has cancer?  Is the teacher unloving, when she informs parents that their child is failing math?  Is the engineer unloving, when he tells the city that a certain bridge is unsafe to cross and needs to be closed to prevent a disaster?


Sermons against sexual immorality are not as much fun to preach (or hear) as the newest three step plan for a super-happy marriage.  Yet, Paul warned folks in Corinth that those who commit immorality (and other specifically named sins mentioned in I Cor. 6:9-10) will not inherit the kingdom of  God.  Jesus told a parable in Luke 16 about a man who died and found himself in torment.  His request was that one would be sent to his family “to warn them so that they will not come to this place of torment.”


True love cares about a person’s health more than their feelings and about their relationship with the Lord more than their comfort level. Come to think of it, a sermon against sin and its eternal consequences might be the most positively helpful sermon ever delivered.



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