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What Is Your Legacy?

By Don Loftis | 12.05.18

Since former President George H. W. Bush passed away, we have all heard a variety of stories and remembrances concerning him.  As I am writing this, his funeral is underway, and the various speakers are painting his legacy.  Statesmen and family will attempt to capture his impact professionally and personally.


The reality is that all of us are in the process of writing our own autobiographies.  Throughout our lives we take a series of selfies that are filed away to be recalled later by those we have met.  Sifted together, they become our legacy.  We only get one chance to write this story, and edits are very difficult to achieve.


Every life is unique, but people tend to remember two things about us.  First, they recall our character more than our success.  Things like honesty in our business dealings, generosity toward those less fortunate, and graciousness toward enemies are the positive  elements of a legacy.  The proverb writer said, “A good name is more desired than great wealth.”  Secondly, they observe our families.  What kind of marriage did we have?  What was our relationship with our children and grandchildren?  These are the folks who survive us, and are the lasting contribution we have made.


As a Christian, I would hope that those who knew us would recall that we followed a higher calling and sought a more significant reward.  I would hope that they would recall seeing Jesus in us and hearing His message from us.  That’s a legacy that can live past the funeral!



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