Midweek Mindset

Luke 2.1-14 – Good Tidings of Great Joy

January 30, 2019

What gives you joy? Is it eating your favorite food or, better yet, desert? Is it going on a date night with your sweetheart or on a trip with your family? Is it rewatching your best-loved movie for the 20th time? Could it be listening to your own special brand of music? Is it drinking a cup of coffee and curling up with a book by your favorite author? 

As enjoyable as these moments are, there is a different, more enduring kind of joy available to you and me. It is a heavenly joy with earthly meaning. This joy was announced by angels and received by shepherds in the fields near Bethlehem. Angels are joy specialists. They bring “good” tidings of “great” joy. Jesus said there is rejoicing in the midst of angels whenever a single sinner repents (Luke 15.10). 

Christians should be joy experts too. Why? Because you have a Savior who died for you, intercedes for you, and will return for you. The joy of the Lord is no ordinary joy: it is abiding and unending. Great joy begins the instant you believe the gospel, but it reaches a high point when you obey the gospel (Acts 8.39). Are you joy-filled today? Are you making the day more joyful for those around you? If not, do a reset of your mindset and start spreading heaven’s joy (Philippians 4.4).

Aubrey Johnson, Minister

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