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About the Program

Our Children’s Bible Class program for ages 4 through 6th grade is called Faith Village. Faith Village is an immersive approach to learning that enables children to learn about people and stories from the Bible in unforgettable ways. We will study one subject at a time for five weeks at a time. Every week, the children will be in a different classroom. They will stay with the same Tour Guide every week, but have a new Teacher in every room. Each of the rooms is a different location in our “Village.” The tour guides will focus on helping the children with goals for memory work, and are available to make sure a child with any special needs can be taken care of. The teachers focus on their content in ways specific to their room.

Locations in Faith Village

Old Hickory Lakeside - This is a room designed for telling Bible stories. The children will feel like they are outside, taking part in the very story they are learning about. If your child likes to experience stories, they will love this room.

Museum of Biblical History - Here the children will get to see artifacts, charts, and timelines that help them understand the ancient culture of the stories they are learning about.  If your child loves hands-on learning, they will love this room.

The Lord’s Body Shop - This is where the children will make crafts and participate in service projects that are drawn from the material we are learning.  This will give them something to take home which will help them remember the stories they are experiencing.

Granny’s House - This is our puppet theater where the children will see the Bible story acted out, then have the opportunity to review the story with the aid of our puppeteers.

The Village Library – This will be one of our Wednesday night classrooms, though on both Sundays and Wednesdays, children will be able to check out library books to read.

Noah’s Arkade - This is a high-energy room where the children will get to review what they are learning, and to work towards age specific goals that we have for each of our groups. Learning in this room will be a blast with games like Jeopardy, Tic Tac Toe, Wheel of Fortune, and “Sword Fights” (Bible drills).

Village Theater - Complete with a working box office and popcorn machine, the children will come to our local theater to watch videos about the lessons we are studying for the particular rotation.

Our goal is to teach children about the best way to live from the best Book in the world, using the best methods possible for achieving this. We really hope you will let your children come and experience Faith Village.