The Old Hickory congregation has a long history of supporting evangelistic work around the world.
Currently we are supporting a variety of fine works:

Rogers City, MI

Dale DuVerney preaches for this congregation which was begun a few years ago. They are growing and do an excellent job of bringing people to their area to work. www.rogerscitychurchofchrist.com

New Brunswick, NJ

Carl Williamson worked two summers with Old Hickory as an intern, while he attended Harding University. After graduation, he and his wife Alicia joined four other couples in planting a congregation in central New Jersey. They have sought to introduce thrir community to Christ through multiple miniistry and service projects. After five years the church has about 75 in attendance. www.njmissions.com

India Missions

Fred Snoddy, a long time member here, became deeply involved in teaching the Gospel to the millions of souls in India. A result of his tireless work and selfless living is a very efficient program of supporting local preachers in India. At the present time we assist about 350 men, and last year their work resulted in over 27,000 baptisms. Periodically we have men who travel to India to evaluate the work and to conduct evangelistic meetings. Most recently Jimmy Lawson and Rick McClintock made that trip.

Batam, Indonesia

Winston Bolt serves as the director of the Batam Bible School which trains leaders for the church in Indonesia. New churches are being planted every year, as the Gospel is preached in this moderately Islamic nation.

Recife, Brazil

Chris and Theresa Boyce serve as missionaries here. Two years ago, after a successful work in Tanzania, they relocated to teach the working class poor of Recife.

Los Nogales, Monterey, Mexico

For a number of years we have taken groups to assist in construction work and in conducting Vacation Bible School. This year we have helped coordinate the final phase of their building which provides them more space and facilitates the medical mission work that is being done on site. Cesar Olivares is the local preacher.

Trujillo Christian School, Honduras

We support students who attend the school, and we send handmade clothes and blankets to be used by the needy in the area. www.trujillocs.org

Other Mission Areas

  • World Bible School
  • Treasure of Truth Radio Program
  • Various summer mission efforts