Midweek Mindset

Luke 3.1-6 – John Prepares the Way

February 13, 2019

The Word of God came to John. This recipient of the divine message was the son of Zachariah, the man famously visited by the angel Gabriel. Luke was careful to pinpoint when this moment occurred. Why? Because it was a real event (fact) and not a myth (fiction). Clearly, this was a noteworthy time in human history. The scheme of redemption was unfolding. The messianic age was beginning. 

The Word of God came to John in the wilderness. Centuries earlier, Isaiah the prophet foretold the isolated setting of this event (Isaiah 40.3). He spoke of one “crying” in the wilderness. To cry can mean to shed tears or to share news. John was an enthusiastic messenger with sensational news. The remoteness of the location was perfect for removing distractions that might hinder listeners from hearing God’s voice. Deep reflection is called for when attending God’s Word.

The Word of God came to John for a purpose. God’s word must be proclaimed. It must be shared and celebrated. The voice has many wonderful uses, but sharing Christ is the most sublime. John took his message into “all” the region around the Jordan because God’s Word is for all flesh. It must not be hidden or hoarded. The purpose of the proclamation was to prepare the way of the Lord. Obstacles must be removed and audiences must be prepared. It is sobering to realize the lengths God has gone to so that you may hear His Word and receive His Son. What obstacle stands between you and your Lord? What change must occur for you to receive Him as Savior? Today, God’s Word has come to you. Prepare the way of the Lord!

Aubrey Johnson, Minister

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