Midweek Mindset

Luke 16.19-31 – The Rich Man and Lazarus

September 4, 2019 - Aubrey Johnson

What would you do if you had a million dollars? The old joke says, “Well, I guess I’d pay my bills as far as it would go.” But seriously, what would you do with a million dollars tax free? Pay off your house? Build your dream house? Put in a pool? Trade in your old car? Take a cruise around the world? Buy a yacht? Invest in a new business?

It’s interesting that when asked this question, our thoughts instantly turn to what we would do for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with houses, cars, or vacations. The problem occurs when our focus is on improving our standard of living with little concern for those who struggle to survive. The Rich Man fared sumptuously every single day while Lazarus fought off starvation. Yet the poorer of the two was clearly the man lacking in compassion and destitute of faith. Living for earth and self are clearly signs of unbelief. The Rich Man’s wealth could not buy him one second of relief in eternity. Be careful envying the “rich.”

So let me ask you again? What would you do with your million to glorify God and bless your fellowman: someone struggling financially or spiritually? I don’t suppose there is a perfect answer, percentage, or place to spend your imaginary funds, but I do know this: when giving thrills your heart as much as spending, its a game changer for your soul. Lives blessed are more enduring than luxuries bought. In fact, charity is an investment with dividends more spectacular than any earthly portfolio can boast. Invest with God. Invest in heaven. How? By investing in people: the lost and the lowly. Then you will be truly, eternally rich.

Aubrey Johnson, Minister
Old Hickory Church of Christ
“A Great Place to Call Home”